Limiting the Holiday Toy Clutter

Limit Holiday Toy Clutter

How We Limit the Holiday Toy Clutter

In our family, the holidays are blessed, merry, and joyful. It’s a time where we all get together to visit family members we haven’t seen in a while, a time where we put together our best meals, a time to enjoy each other’s company, and a time to celebrate our Lord’s coming.

But like most other families in North America, Christmas often has a strong association with Santa Clause, Elves who make toys in their workshop, and lots and lots of presents. Today’s marketing and consumerism convinces parents and children that more is better. The more presents you give, the more you love them? Umm, no. The more I aspire to live a minimalist life, the more I disagree with “more is better”.

However, my family has a very different view when it comes to Christmas and birthday presents.

My family LOVES to give gifts. It’s their way of showing affection, admiration, and their love, like most other families. And in their eyes, the more the better. Let’s face it, most children now are enamored by the thought of receiving gifts and material items, more so then past generations. The more presents they have, the more happy they seem (at first). I am trying to battle that very notion in my own way. But, I can’t won’t request a “no gift” occasion.

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DIY Burlap boxes


If you ever wanted to recycle those plain Amazon boxes or bright diaper boxes, just grab some burlap and some ribbon! The look is very clean and pretty. I use these in my linen closet to organize and plan to make more to use them for my kids’ toys and bathroom toiletries. They are very simple to make and you don’t need much to complete them.

Here’s how I did it

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